Special Projects Group

The Special Projects Group “SPG” Division was born from ICS’ need to fill a gap in the construction market.  Many companies specialize in large, fully engineered and designed projects.  Our customers were in need of  a partner that could take on smaller, fast paced TI and a variety of demanding construction projects, and bring cost-effective solutions utilitizing a highly trained team. 

Developing such a division is not a mass production concept but rather a limited model, based on mutual respect and trust with select clients.  Therefore, we don’t seek projects, we seek partnerships. This model relies on our cornerstone of account management.  SPG offers a single point of contact to our customers from the beginning stages of the estimate to the completion of the project, allowing for seamless communication and accountability. 

This partnership relies heavily on a mobile, highly skilled, trained, multi-talented and motivated workforce.  Much of the time, our craftsmen are working in occupied spaces, therefore ICS relies  not only on their construction skills but communication, accountability, and EQ (emotional quotient).  The variety of challenges faced on a daily basis requires these craftsmen to be cross trained in several disciplines and gives them the opportunity for never ending continuing education, personal and professional growth.

We are a unique team of task oriented, detail driven and highly motivated corporate family members seeking to exceed our client’s expectations on a daily basis. 

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